How to resize TextBlock to fit vertically?

Hello everyone, I’m still working on my UI and I ran into a problem.
I’m trying to create a popup window which will display several bullet points with information. This information will be dynamically loaded in, so both the number of bullet points as well as their content will vary. The popup window is supposed to be resized vertically to fit in all the text, a stackpanel is supposed to align all the texts vertically.

This is what I have so far. The problem is that I can’t get the textblocks to dynamically resize its height to fit the text. Using resizeToFit, it seems to only resize the width, which is not useful in this case. I also tried setting textWrapping to true, but that will just set the height to 100%, making the stackpanel not correctly stack the texts on top of each other.
Any advice on how I can solve this?

Managed to solve it by myself. For anyone wondering, the important thing is to use BABYLON.GUI.TextWrapping.WordWrap as well as resizeToFit. Link