How to rotate axes

2023-12-12 233548
As you can see , the big ball and small ball has different axes direction (dont know why or controlled by what props.)
i need to rotate the axes of the small ball to same as the big one, so it will be easier to translate or rotate (now when i want to move small one follow global x , need slowly change the vector3, because it’s local axes not the same as global one.).
but i cant get the idea how, or i dont know how to express this in a professional way to hit the key words…
and i checked the rotation of this small ball, x,y,z all to be 0, so confused … i think there maybe something describe different from local coord to local?
anyone can help , thanks alot, searched more than one hour

I am sure that the Playground repro would greatly help to answer your question.

As @labris mentioned, make sure to share a playground so we can help efficiently.

But I assume that you want to use a gizmo manager in world space. this was described in the docs

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sorry , i dont know how to control the axes, so cant build the repo, i tested, when use createBox, their axes has not been rotated

hi, thanks for your answer, but i just use a axes view to visualize object’s axes, not to manually control them, and find that those two object axes direction not the same.

the center of the small object is -10,0,0, the big one is 0,0,0 , and just want to achieve a simple action: let the small object move closer to the big object(not use absolute position), use addInPlace(new Vector3(10,0,0) not work, because the local axes has been rotated ,their x/y/z axis not parrallel, so i need to reset them , so can control the small object move or rotate

Maybe “rotationQuaternion” caused the problem you said.

maybe, thanks a lot, lol.
I’m searching relative papers at wiki for what is quaternion