How to set different animations for different meshes created by same gltf file?

Question: For multiple meshes imported with same one gltf file, how to set the animation to a specific one mesh?
The different animations are also defined inside that gltf file.

I have checked many documents but I still have no clear idea yet, that’s why I registered here

Not sure if I get you right. I use animationGroups of AssetManager(AssetContainer, ImportMesh) to start/stop my .gltf animations.

But this might be a deeper solution, to add mesh as target of single animation:


Thanks for answering, but sorry for that I don’t understand it. Can you find an example for that? How to “add mesh as target of single animation”?
An example for playing different animations for different meshes imported with same .gltf file can help me a lot.
Or I may need to say it directly, is there an open-source example like Grapevine?

Maybe this video helps you out:

Or an existing playground example that fits your setup:

Or you could create a playground with your imported .gltf, because I have no suiting .gltf for this.

Also it is used in the tutorial game of BabylonJS:

Hello @gunpowderfans just checking in, do you need any more help?