How to switch between arcCam and UniCam without changing the target

Hello guys
please u find attached my PG
here I move my camera through a spesific point to look to a specific point, I want to create an option to switch between arcCam and UniCam, but I want when I switch and move it keeps the type of the camera changing and look always to the same point (like if I want switch the type of camera keeping the same dynamic of movement), it works for arcCam but not with UniCam and If I go through goal using arcCam and I want to switch it reset from the start point

need help please working for that all the whole day :dizzy_face:

thank you

Seems like the target are kind of ok to me
Problem seems more coming from the camera position:

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@Deltakosh thank you, I’ve tes it yesterday and now I can switch camera but to move and look to target I should use arcCam, if I switch to UniCam before click move it moves to the place but it doesn’t looks to the point I want to look too. (I think target in UniCam changes when camera is initialize not the case of ArcCam )

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