How to switch off Dynamic Terrain extension infinite tiling?

Hey guys,

So this documentation states the following:

If the map data aren’t updated or if a new data array isn’t passed to the terrain when it reaches the map edges, then the terrain goes on moving as if the current map where repeated on the current axis.
This means that from the terrain perspective and unless we give it a speficic behavior regarding the map bounds, the data map is infinitely repeated or tiled in every direction of the ground.
In short, by default, the terrain sees the map as infinite.

Is there a way to switch off said functionality?

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Just add your own test : if (camera.position.x > someLimit) then { camera.position.x = someLimit; }
and your camera, then your terrain, will stop.

The terrain is linked to the camera. As long as the camera moves, the terrain moves. By design, no limit is set on the camera movement (as it’s the most versatile for any need) and the terrain assumes the map data is then repeated if the camera gets off the map.

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Oh, I see, thank you, I will put limits on the camera then.