How to update Mesh property run time in babylon?

Hi, I’m newbie in Babylon and I have a problem. I’m trying to connect gps data to a mesh. I want to update mesh positions depended to gps data. when data changed the positions should change. my question is, how I can update a mesh property in run time? for example how I can read some data from ajax and change a mesh property after new data received ? something like eventListener, when some data received the mesh property should change.
thank you!

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Hi @Abolfazi_Miadian and welcome. You can find a list of properties which can be set on this page Babylon.js Documentation

This playground shows properties being changed Babylon.js Playground

Do not know anything about reading from data streams and presuming you do. However this site might be useful Using readable streams | MDN


thank you JohnK, my problem is solved, but i have another question:
I designed a game and it work well in laptop and Sumsung mobiles, but when i run it on Huawei mobiles, I just get a white scene, and i don’t get any error, game doesn’t load, what is problem and how i can solve it? thank you