How to use intersectsMesh method for torus

I created a torus and added an object bounding torus to its outer layer. During collision detection, I found that when the balloon passed through the center of the object bounding torus, it obviously didn’t touch it, but the balloon still turned red. Why is the center of the object bounding torus also recognized as a collision? Does OBB have to be a box and not other shapes?

I modified it in the playgroud of the document Mesh Intersections example, the code is as follows:
Mesh Intersections about torus

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The OBB of the mesh is still a box that encompasses the whole torus, so the ball will intersect it. You would need the intersections to be performed at the face level to detect that the ball does not intersect the torus when passing through the center. I don’t think Babylon support intersections at the face level. You can try to use ray picking if you want precise intersection between a mesh and a ray (or several rays).

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Thank you very much for solving my puzzled problems ! :smiley: