Html labels for 3d scenes

Made small package to sync html ui position to 3d objects since I have been using it for last few projects and couldn’t find any ready made solution.



We have the Babylon HtmlMesh extension. Does it not work for your use case?

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@Bhushan_Wagh no offence bro! :slight_smile:

Or you can do it the easy way like this:

@Bhushan_Wagh You have practiced a bit at least :slight_smile: Nice code in GitHub.

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That’s crazy because when I searched for something like this, it didn’t appear anywhere in results. :person_shrugging:

Nice, but try to get same styling results and easily defined ui layouts as html and css using Babylon gui. Htmlmesh extension is much more suitable I’d say for my problem but unfortunately that didn’t show up while I was searching.

My code does the same what you showcased in the YouTube video. Your library has a lot of unnecessary code. I didn’t write it as an HtmlMesh replacement obviously :joy:

I’m not sure what is unnecessary in my code, would love if you could point out tbh.

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Buddy, relax… :sunglasses:

Every line of code we write is important (XP+) even if the end product gets dumped. Maybe you misunderstood my intentions. I wanted to show you that the same can be done with much fewer code. Just for future reference not to noobize your code!

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