I can't scale a animated sprite up

I have a sprite that I’m animating and I can’t seem to make it scale (height) larger.

let mySprie= new BABYLON.SpriteManager("spriteManager", "mySprite", 2, {width: 270, height:600 }, this.scene);

What happens when you change its size after it’s created?

Sprite.height = 1.5 etc

I am gonna be adding some updates to the packed manager that will accommodate the more robust framing arguments here once I get a chance to be in front of the computer.

It should be fixed here soon sorry for the delay, I’ve been stuck at the hospital for days.

When I change the height after I set the initial sprite sheet nothing happens.I’m sorry to hear that Pry hope it’s not the “Virus”! Get well soon.

Is this a bug?

Ok that’s odd, can you make a PG really quick. That should totally work.

The width/height is the cellSize field,
BABYLON.SpriteManager(“spriteManager”, “mySprite”, 2, {width: 270, height:600 });

The sprite itself will still have a 1x1 unit size in the 3d space, despite of how large or small the cellSize is :slight_smile:
let sprite = new BABYLON.Sprite(“sprite”, mySpriteManager);
sprite.size = 1.0; <-- size, width & height, in 3d space
sprite.width = 1.0; <-- width only
sprite.height = 1.0;<-- height only

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