I have fps problem when importing object

Hello, I am importing many low poly objects to my scene. In this case, the fps drops a lot. I tried many optimization ways to increase fps but each one failed. I was able to increase 2-3 fps at most without damaging the objects. I’m testing this situation by creating a large number of spheres in the playground. How can I increase the fps dropped due to imported objects? I request your help and advice.

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There is no real solution to this problem, except to reduce as much as possible the number of meshes in your scene. Each additional mesh has a cost, because with each frame the whole list of meshes is processed (culling, rendering processing, …). You should try to merge meshes if possible (Mesh.MergeMeshes), use thin instances when applicable.

You can also try to do your own culling and temporarily remove meshes from scene.meshes if you have a quick way to determine that a mesh will not be visible for a while.

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