I'm trying to find a good way to achieve a camera swap

I haven’t looked too much in how the engine will handle camera swapping I need to switch from the Universal camera that’s exported from a toolkit to a puzzle type camera that is fixed to an object that the user will interact with. What should be the way I go about doing this?


Well, with my humble knowledge I believe that’s not an issue at all (performance-wise). On the coding side it is really simple.

You create both cameras and then you just switch active camera with some kind of button or whatever.


You can see in the playground I’ve created two cameras (lines 7-8).
Attached both cameras to canvas (13-14)
And on the lines 17-18 you can see the method to set camera to active camera in the scene. Comment/Uncomment to see the difference between two active cameras. So you just create function that will control that behavior on the click of the button or whatever.