Intentionally Throttle Scene Loading

I find most questions relating to Babylon optimisation naturally trying to decrease the scene loading time. However, we’re in an odd situation where we would actually like to slow it down. We have a loading animation that is lagging hard because of the size of our scene and the CPU used when loading it.

Is it possible to throttle the CPU/GPU used when loading a scene? I’d looked at the hardware scaling options, but couldn’t find anything obvious? We’d then want to unthrottle once the scene has fully loaded.

Thanks in advance

Oh, that would go against everything we are trying to achieve :slight_smile:

Question - will keeping the loading screen on for a little longer be enough? can you pinpoint the time when a scene is ready to be shown?

I know right?! Yes, we know when the scene is loading, but the animation is so laggy for a good 5 seconds, it really ruins the animation we have, so trying to come up with a better way - this was all I could think of.