Interactive hotspots on model

i need to build a web-app which is able to load 3d models and show interactive hotspots on the model.
I came across babylonjs and the performance is stunning and everything looks really great.
I guess creating hotspots that the user can interact with should be possible with the library?


Hey @EvilTwinsNiceBrother,
First of all, welcome to the Babylon.js forums!

You should be able to accomplish what you’re looking to do with Babylon.js. I’d imagine it’d just be a matter of loading the model into a scene and adding a HighlightLayer to your desired mesh, depending on the specifics of the scenario you’re looking to support.

In any case, if you want, you can always check out our Playground Search if you want to find user-provided code snippets that may help you out too.

If you have any question about stuff, feel free to ask!

Thanks for the great welcome.
What I am trying to achieve is basically various red dots on the model which can be touched to display an info overlay.
Will check the playgound
you have to add the panel to display the text on click it


Thanks Marian.

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Well, I tried t figure out the Playground demo. But it does not seem to work.
just a blue background.

On this ?

Nope. This time i see the yeti but no “onClick” mesh

This is really strange…

What browser are you using ?

Ah! Ok.
it wasnt working in Safari ( 13.0.4 )
Works in Chromium and Firefox