Internal representation of EdgesRenderer

For a simple cube, its _edgesRenderer has 96 points. Why this many points?
How is this data used?

_edgesRenderer contains the list of lines based of face adjacencies. You can find the algorithm here:

Plus please note that the edgesRenderer will store a new index buffer and two vertex buffers (one for position and one for normals)

Thank you…
What my exact requirement is, i have a scene which is an apartment. I need to show dimension of my floor. The floor could be in a rectangular shape or in a L shape or anything else. So, i am looking for a way to get the edges of my floor mesh. From these edges, i only take the edges which are on the top side and draw these lines and somehow draw text (the length of the edge) on these lines.

But a simple cube can have maximum 18 edges. These many edges are confusing me. BTW, what is the best way to achieve my requirement? Please guide me.

The EdgeRenderer uses an algorithmic approach based on angle between faces. For a cube depending you should use the checkVerticesInsteadOfIndices parameter of the constructor to get a version that better suits your needs