intersectsMesh function is always called once even though there is no collision

Hi guys,

I’m getting this strange behaviour with intersectsMesh function. Even though my meshes are not intersecting the function is still fired once. Is this an expected behaviour or a bug? please advice.

See the test below.

Just done another test by enabling scene physics and adding physics impostor to the ballon1 mesh and all looks good and works great so… a bit confused here, need help understanding the best way to approach this as my project architecture needs to adapt accordingly, thanks. :slight_smile: See PG below.

Hi @VoxelCubes , the world matrix of the balloon isn’t computed at first, but it will be after rendering. You can make it scene.registerAfterRender instead, or do balloon1.computeWorldMatrix() after setting its position. You can also see which scene.onAfter___Observables exist that would work for the code you need.


Thanks, @Gijs your solutions really helped. :slight_smile:

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