Introduce me "DerKarlos"

As I will use Babylon.js for a while, this is a short introduction of mine:
I am an old white German male. Sorry for my English :sunglasses:
My first extended 3D project was the Bridge of the Fast Space Cruiser Orion (Raumpatrouille)
The next was an 3D renderer for OpenStreetMap data

Both are done by ThreeJS. I did have a look at BabylonJS but as it looks less object orientated and I did not miss any features with ThreeJS, I did not change then. But now we started a web front-end for wiki openstreetmap org wiki OSM2World. I was asked for Babylon and had an extended look:

Babylon has got much more features than Three. It is even hard, always to check Babylon and not code it myselve. The logic is different, there is no scene.add(mesh), but that’s just details. The documentation is huge. I only miss that interactive page (threejs dot org docs) form Thee. And it is odd, to read an API constructor and it offers to search for a Playground of “constructor”. There should be more links to relevant playgrounds. (I know - I can improve it myself)

You consider to use WebAssembly. I would like that very much and may be, will help with it (more later)

For my new Frontend project, I would like tho have a concealer to check, if I did use BabylonJS properly, if I missed existing features or could use simpler ways to code. (I will ask other details soon)



Welcome to this forum,

Everyone here will be your concealer :slightly_smiling_face:
I think that you will also get even better advices from old forum tenants like @Wingnut or @JohnK (and many many others that I can’t name because too numerous) and from the BabylonJS MS team that checks posts and answers everyday on this forum.


Welcome, Karlos. It is good to have you with us. Don’t let Jerome’s humility and graciousness fool you. HE is one of the best and nicest innovators and helpers we have EVER seen. Hot!

Some sweet BabylonJS links:

Main Website:
Framework GitHub:
Docs Website:
Docs GitHub:
Search this forum:
Search our old forum:
Playground Search:
Deltakosh’s Home Address: Unlisted - prevents him from being hugged to death by his MANY fans. :slight_smile:

The right-most input field (in-code search) at the Playground Search site… is absolutely my BEST friend. In-playground-code-search has some limitations, but it is still wonderful. With the right search keywords, it will find ANYTHING in our HUGE database of playground examples. I love it… beyond words.

But… the people that are here, on our forum… THEY are just fantastic, too. You could not ask for a better group of friendly, spirited trailblazers and inventors… and now you are included, Karlos! (hug)

And maybe the BEST thing about the forum members… they NEVER speak badly of other WebGL frameworks, and instead… wish for success for THOSE engines, too. We are all part of “WebGL World” and we strive to get the users/programmers… the tools they need to get the task done.

Together, all the WebGL fans, no matter the engine used… have launched WebGL into the mainstream, putting advanced 3D power… into the easy-reach of everyone, from kids, to geezers like me. WebGL has also bridged the possible divides between nations and cultures. It put us ALL on the same team, drooling over beautiful graphics and having a great feeling of self-accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

WebGL is impossible to dislike, no matter what. There are many side-systems that get learned… while learning WebGL/BabylonJS. WebGL is SO enjoyable to “play-with”, that you don’t even realize HOW MUCH you are learning. It all feels like play.

Needless to say, I am in-love with all of it… the people, the tech, the inventions, the comedy, the beautiful scenes. Just try to NOT love it - impossible. :slight_smile:

Welcome again, Karlos, and all other recent joiners. You all get absolutely FREE homes on the shores of Lake Babylon… and a free powerful speedboat… called BabylonJS. Careful… it’s fast & smooth. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your warm welcome. It sounds like using pink classes :slight_smile: That’s just the environment, I like.
When I will again have a fight with the Playground Search, I will ask here.

p.s.: I got trust level “Padawan”, which I not found in the description. I assume it is “Basic”. Don’t mind.

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