Article I wrote on Babylon JS

Hi everyone

I just published an article about why Babylon JS is my 3D engine of choice.

Just offering up a different perspective of why this project is so awesome.

As an animator who taught myself how to code hopefully it provides some insight into creative types looking to get their feet wet in immersive technologies.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Great article! Thanks @Gerard_Baldsing

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One thing I noticed with your website, just on the home page, the burger menu items are way off to the right and I had to widen my browser significantly to even see them:

Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10.

But the other pages were fine and it looks great otherwise!

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Thanks for the feedback on the article and my site.
Looking into that CSS issue shortly.

Nice article. I do agree with the content and I think it also gives tribute to the pillars of BJS. This is good com :ok_hand: and @PirateJC might want to check it out.

Sidenote: I liked your personal note on switching from as3 to js/ts. I’ve undergone the same at about the same time and I also found that BJS offered many similarities that made my learning easier, I believe.

Again GJ and thanks (on behalf of the Community, if I can allow myself) for supporting the project and our common efforts.
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:


This will make @Deltakosh happy :slight_smile:


Gosh! Reading that almost made me cry:)

Thanks a lot for such kind words!!!


@Gerard_Baldsing Wow, we are absolutely stunned and honored by your super kind words. Thank you very much for helping to spread the word about Babylon and this incredible community of folks!

You rock!


@Deltakosh There’s a tear in my eye reading these comments for you guys.
Having a - I’m not worthy moment!
I Am Not Worthy Respect GIF - I Am Not Worthy Not Worthy Respect GIFs
Thank you all for your encouragement and also creating such a wonderful tool.


And just like that I feel the need to watch Wayne’s World :slight_smile: