Introducing Playground Templates

Hey Everybody! Over the past couple months, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how we can continue to make Babylon even more simple to use. So much thinking about it in fact, that I wrote a blog post about our development philosophy and how it helps us think about Babylon’s simplicity.

Also, as a part of this blog post, we’re incredibly excited to share a brand new feature with you. Playground Templates!!! Simply hit CTRL + SPACE to bring up the new templates in the playground that you can add directly into your code. This is a handy way to help reduce the amount of code you have to write for some of the most commonly used components of Babylon!

Here’s the weekly video that explains how it works!

What other templates should we add???

You all rock!



Some other templates:

  • Create a default shadow generator
  • Import a node material with ParseFromSnippetAsync
  • Show the debug layer + select an entry

Yes! Great ideas! I’ll add them!

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This is a great addition and should be especially helpful for new users! I’m not sure if this is possible, but an add random template would be awesome. For instance, add random meshes, random properties, etc.

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Simple “spin” and “bounce” animations might be good animation starter templates to add as well.

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Mesh “click” and/or “hover” state action/behaviour template?


Next level to boost efficency:

  • load templates from a local file containing code snips or function calls etc. with place holders to fill which the user defines by self.
  • load templates from a web server where every developer can put its snips in with image or animatin preview
  • load fully running and tested components as a MVC design pattern. e.g. a chess table with moveable figures, a little soccer game with physics, etc.
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@PirateJC : Nice :slight_smile: Hope there are more code snippets to come. Very helpful to a coding duffer like me :relieved:

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:


I found this new game engine editor at this moment.

Just an idea: It would be great if the babylon-editor would develop in this direction.

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Love the direction you guys are going. Can we create our own playground templates?

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Yup absolutely! We’d LOVE to have more folks contribute.

This is the .json file that templates reads from:

And if you’re never contributed to Babylon before, here’s how to get started:

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I like to work with VS CODE … Did someone created an extension for this templates?

There is only on extension in relation to babylon.js: The

Here is a tutorial for creating an extension for VSC: