Is their a way to track rotation of the WebXR cameras?

I am making something were its getting controlled via the rotational values of the webxr values. I am unsure how to do it correctly, all of the things I have tried multiple ways, the ways in which i have done this to test was to log it on the console, they either show up as undefined or a list of like 50 different variable values and im unsure which value will be changing if any.

If anyone has any advice it would very much appreciate it.

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Pinging @RaananW


would be great to see what you tried already!

Have you read the controller documentation page? WebXR Controllers Support | Babylon.js Documentation

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Thanks for that, just the link to that paged helped me, realise the problem I had, I think I have it working now, will do a few more tests, to make sure.

Thanks for the help