Is there a playground showing input activating/deactivating when there are 2 camera in 1 scene?

Ortho camera in front of perspective camera. Once I enable the ortho camera (UI layer but not using BJS UI system, since I need a video in a rectangle, so a regular mesh behind, on a different layer), I can’t seem to be able to interact with the content on the perspective camera - either the content on the ortho camera intercepts raycasts, or I am doing something wrong. Has anyone played with the subject?

You are not doing something stupid:)
You simply need to tell the scene which camera to use for picking:

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Wow, I was looking in the directions of attaching inputs and raycast blocking and layer masks, but this is definitely the way to go. Thank you @Deltakosh !

Another thing: do you have idea how to solve this? : [Unity->BJS] How get a reference to the .ts script sitting on another game object