Is there an equivalent to Three.js's ArrowHelper in Babylon.js?

I’m quite familiar with the utility of ArrowHelper in ThreeJS, which visually represents a direction in 3D space using an arrow. I was wondering if there’s a direct equivalent or a recommended approach to achieve this in Babylon.js?

Nope and it would be a great contrib !!!

The closest we have is in the code here

We do have the Ray Helper, I wonder if it’s close enough? Mesh Picking | Babylon.js Documentation

I think Ray Helper lack a arrow head to indicate the accurate direction. @ertugrulcetin Are you planing to contribute? If not, I’d like to make it.

@ertugrulcetin similar to what @sebavan suggested, you could try a local axis Display Axes | Babylon.js Documentation

Also there’s arrows option for greased line Creating A GreasedLine | Babylon.js Documentation

See example PG:

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Unfortunately, I don’t have time to contribute. :frowning:

I think @inteja suggestion to solve it with greased line would be good ???

Agree with @inteja 's greased line solution!

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