Is there way to determine a camera frame border / resolution gate?

Hey community,

Just wondering is there a way to define a camera “frame bolder” / “film gate” / “resolution gate” in babylon?

For example:

This is a viewport capture from Maya. As you can see, in Maya (or Blender), users can specify whats the render resolution of the output image in a scene. In my example case, the non-greyed-out area: 960 pixels (width) * 540 pixels (height) is the actual area and resolution going to be rendered in Maya. So when I render an image, I have a clear idea where are the “border” of my to-be-rendered image with the resolution I specified.

Just wondering is there any ways we can set up similar things in Babylon? I am trying to render image sequences from a babylon scene. I hope I can have a total control (like how many pixels in width, how many in height, how to visualize the resolution gate in my canvas etc.) of which area I can capture.

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You should force the style Canvas size to the desired once which ends up being your render surface.

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Sounds great. Looks just directly set up the canvas should be a way to go.

Thank you!!

Just a follow up here. Tested with cavas style size setup.
Works like a charm:

Thank you for the help again!

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