Issue while using disc vertices

Hi. I’m using CreateDisc function to get some verts for a round shape.
After this I’m using those verts to create a mesh, using PolygonMeshBuilder function.
Everything good till now, but if I want to subtract this mesh from other, there is a face which remains, and it doesn’t look too good :frowning:

Here is a pg where you can see the issue: Babylon.js Playground

Please help me to find where is the problem.
At least at the end maybe I can use directly the cylinder, but I have to do a lot of changes, because it is more complicated than in the pg.

The issue seems to be that the first point in createDisk is at the center of the disc so the shape is built from center of circle to edge, trace the circle and then back to the center causing the slit. If I skip that first point it seems to work.


Aaaaaah, this was easy :smiley:
Thank you, Trevor!