Issue with using 2nd view for screenshot purposes

Our application’s current state creates a single scene with a main camera. Objects are added to the scene, and, when a user saves their project, screenshots of the scene are taken using dedicated screenshot cameras. During this process objects in the scene will have visibility toggled, which has led to complaints from clients of objects flashing in and out. In order to address this, I thought we could introduce multiple views so rendering could be paused on the main canvas while screenshot business happens on the additional view. The problem is that the main view stops rendering when the application loads even though the render loop is firing. I was wondering if anyone has attempted something similar, a separate view for things like screenshots, or if anyone has faced a similar issue with rendering when introducing views to their application.

Could you share a repro of the situation ?

or maybe you could use CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget to try rendering the screenshot offscreen ?

Hello just checking in if you’d like any more help on this? @sduffy

Thank you @carolhmj, we went a different route instead of using multiple views. Thank you for your assistance, but unfortunately I couldn’t come up with a way to share a repro in any way that would be meaningful.