Keyframe config generator?

anyone knows is there a tool for generating keyframe configs for the Animation class?

e.g. the blinking frames in Babylon.js Playground

how is it generated? create manually? no!!


Hey @J.C

Can you elaborate on what you mean by keyframe configs? The animation in the example you provided is coded in lines 75-84, and then used to manipulate the “emissiveStrength” node in the accompanied node material.

Hi, JC

I mean the curve data. yes, lines 75-84.
this data is created manually? at least I can’t make it look natural and smooth if I create these steps manually…

Oh fun times! I’ll use this thread to TEASE something exciting that we’re working on that would be very relevant here.

If only there was a way to create animations and shape the curve of those animations in some sort of friendly tool, without having to write the code manually…


Stay tuned for more!!!

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:heart_eyes: YES!!!
I’m so excited to hear this!

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Have you seen what my team was about to release here with Pixcap? We have just those animation curves you speak of and an editor coming soon.

Plus animation retargeting, auto rigging, webcam motion capture. The public launch should be happening here soon.