linkOffset scale by zoom & zoomed camera to not cut in mesh

Hello together,

I have another idea of extending my project and have new questions:

    1. How to keep linkOffset of GUI control top right corner relative to zoom/distance to meshes?
    1. How to limit camera zoom on different mesh sizes, so that the camera is not cutting into the mesh? Even better would be to make sphere surface zoomable, but I am not sure if this is even possible?

I am trying to use onBeforeCameraRenderObservable to observe camera.inertialRadiusOffset changing like mentioned in GUI Control linkOffset issue

Also I found Zooming to 100% model surface - #5 by EvilTwinsNiceBrother for #2?

Here is my related playground:

Edit: My newer adding #2 is even worse:

What about collision in my PG, can it do part of the job? I am asking, because the collision I setted up (engine,camera,meshes) do not work.

Lemme take a look and make sure that I’m understanding what’s going on.