Load glb model into scene directly from content string

Here is the main question, and it is solved,
but I want to know if it is posible to use it with assetsManager and not with import function.

I tried something but doesn’t work

May I ask you about the goal cause there might be other solutions (like checking for scene readyness and so on) ? AssetManager is more targetted at downloads that you do not have here.

I have a project where we used babylonjs file. We save them in a scene encode with base64 and import them in other scene and decode. And I did this with assetManager. Now I want to use glb files instead and I was curious if I can use almost same code, if not, no issue, I can use ImportMesh as well.

Unfortunately it is not possible through the asset manager as it does not expose a way to pick the plugin to use. Also it really is fully dedicated to download. Let us know if you can not workaround it and we ll see how we could tweak the code to support your use case.

It is ok. I made it to work with ImportMesh.
In the previous version we used assetsManager because we had textures, now with glb files is easier.

ps: off-topic - I found that adding an animation group to a mesh in scene, save the mesh as glb, next time when I import the generated glb this has animation,… which is awsoooome :muscle: