Load local app GLTF/GLB mesh in Babylon React Native?

I’m still having no joy with GLB, but something else I investigated was the possibility that the side effect import "@babylonjs/loaders/glTF"; is getting tree shaken away, because if I comment that out in @Cedric 's project, I get the same error I’m seeing in my project:

[RuntimeError: Unable to load from http://localhost:8081/assets/src/assets/meshes/bloc.glb?platform=android&hash=c1c8d179007750a2518dd2f0ea12744a: Error: Cannot create URL for blob!]

However a bit of googling revealed that React Native metro bundler doesn’t support tree shaking anyway, so I’m back to being clueless :slight_smile:

So it works when importing loaders but it doesn’t when importing loaders/gltf?