Loading glb file as a stream

As in the topic, is there a posibillity? In the documentation and in tutorials its all about defining paths to files.
And in my scenario I am querying an api, that returns a file stream.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @krezeee and welcome!
Yes, you can do it as base64 string. If this help you

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Well, I tried with it, and after some struggles with encoding/decoding I ve run into

babylon.js:16 BJS - [15:58:02]: Unable to load from : Unexpected magic: 1868833084.

Finally it worked, after my minor mistake. Thanks a lot! @MarianG

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My pleasure :wink:

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Hi, is there a way do stream gltf models? I used the playground example shared by you with glb models and it is working fine. However, I need a similar solution for gltf files.