Loading images from GUI json and Webpack

Hi guys, I have a large JSON GUI file with lots of images in it.

I load my project with web pack but all the images are returning a 404. I assume its because webpack needs to be “notified” of all these images before there called by my GUI JSON.

Is there a way around this? How do I dynamically call images with Webpack?

are the images URLs? base64? Is it a relative URL? why don’t you pack the images in a public/static folder and serve it, instead of trying to modify the JSON using a loader?

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After more research, I realize is what I have to do. I was trying to have my cake and eat it too because this is in relation to my figma to Babylon JS plug-in.

I was hoping that I could have figma essentially dictate exactly what images are needed to be loaded by web pack, but I realize this is pretty much impossible without creating my own custom solution which will be out of the plug-in scope.

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