3d Virtual Showroom , Demo work

Hi ! Great Babyloners ;

I designed and coded new 3d virtual showroom demo work

Video Link : Bocchi için Hazırladığımız 3d interektif Sanal showroom , 3d interaktif ürün tanıtımı çalışması. - YouTube

Live Link : Bocchi Sanal Showroom Taslak Çalışması ( 0.5 Beta )

Thanks all.



Excellent use of the GUI!!

This is super cool

cc @PirateJC

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other demos coming ( Power of Babylon GUI ) :slight_smile:

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I’ve added this to the community page! Super cool!!!

Should be live in a couple of minutes.

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I’m honored so much cc @PirateJC.
Thank you and all great community. :slight_smile:

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I’m also working on virtual exhibition space. I really like your picture frames.

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Thank you @Adrianlines , pls send me your e-mail adress, i ll send you picture frames files.

Thanks for you kind offer.

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Great material and lighting work, like the addition of the mirror. Feels very clean.

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Thank you for your nice comments @Lloyd_Henning .

I sent files to your mail.