Looking for a freelance babylonjs developer

We are a startup developing a character visualisation tool with animations looking for a BabylonJS dev.
All the 3D models are rigged and exported from maya. We are searching for a developer with high skills for the animation part.

The project implies :

  • Manage rig exports from Maya.
  • Optimization of character / asset loading and FPS.
  • Loading external assets from server into the scene.
  • Using blend trees animation
  • Using rig and parent, program simple animation control on the rig
  • Using same animation on different rigs (simple and complexe version of the rig)
  • Simple shader programmation (dynamic shader not creating a shader)

Let me know if you are interested (DM me)


I will be glad to help you. You can contact me through Email: lauren@cisinlabs.com

or skype me- live:lauren_8606 so that we can discuss this in detail.

Best Regards,

Lauren W.