Looking for a job

Hi, i am looking for a Job as 3D/ Technical Artist.
I have Professional experience working as a Technical Artist with Babylon js.

Some of the shaders i have done are: Procedural 3D Textures, Hologram Shaders, Vegetation Shaders, Lighting in Shader, Flow Maps as Sky Shaders, Ocean Shader with Gerstner Waves, Realistic and Cartoon Shading for Characters

I you have a Job Just let me know.


Do you have any work to showcase for us ?

Yes for sure. My new Portfolio will be ready this week. Before you can have a look at older Work of me in my LinkedIn ( Tom Täfler ) or i can send you a Link to my Dropbox to my portfolio from Last year.

I may be in need for some shader development (GLSL) for visual effects in my game later, is that interesting for you ? (using shadermaterial)

I see there may be some need for that later in the pipeline for me.

Sure it is :)! That was my Job until now. I build shaders with the node Material Editor of Babylon js.