Looking for Babylon.js experienced dev for room decoration app (4~20h/week)

Edit: Impressed with the quality of the community, we’re on the process of deciding on the dev and not taking new applicants anymore, thanks all!

Looking for a dev experienced with Babylon.js (preferably Typescript as well) to help build a room decoration app, it should work for Desktop and Mobile. The content is anime related straight from Japan, and the assets are already in GLB and look really good, we’ll need help with building functionality, lights, shaders, (…)

Time zone wise, our team is distributed in Canada / US / Latam or around France, we’ll need some hours in common with those. Project is expected to run from 3 ~ 9 months depending on the sponsor.

Feel free to book a time to chat more:

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Sounds like an incredible project. I hope your sponsor lets you share the outcome. :heart_eyes: anime!

Thank you! The project outcome will be public available for users by early next year, I hope it’s also a good piece on anyone’s portfolio :smile:

Hey @askeladd,

My name is Nelson and I have been working with BJS and Playcanvas for more than 5 years and have interest in knowing more about your opportunity to see if I fit on it to help you.

Please contact me by PM.

Thanks for the attention

I booked a meeting but nobody came :frowning:
But you may always communicate with me here.


I had many people book time and not show, and at the same time under the impression I didn’t show up. It’s quite possible there is some misunderstanding on the calendar timezone. I’m not entirely sure how google calendar booking link works (i can only see my time zone), but i’d suggest consider it’s paying attention to the timezone shows there (likely your own!).
Also if the system offers you the change to save the link to your personal calendar, do it as the time will be correct in the invite.

Sorry for my late reply.
I have read your post and I think this is very good fit for me because I have a full experience in this type of project now. As an experienced BJS developer with over 5 years, I have built so strong experience and especially, in room decoration application, I have owned special experience.
I hope you will inform me the detailed information about this project if you have time to care about me and I will wait your positive response.