Mesh does not show up on scene

I am trying to import a .babylon file to the scene. I have tried with the file on sandbox and it works as expected, by changing few scene properties.

However i am not able to render it in the play ground.

I am fairly new to babylon. Can anyone suggest what could be wrong with my code?

you have to host your babylon file somewhere and then import in playground.


Thanks Marian,

glTF Loader Demo | Babylon.js Playground (

I have added the mesh. I still have 2 questions.

  1. How do i set the scene properties (rendering mode = wireframe and clear color) in the code and NOT from inspect.
  2. How do i use this in my angular application? Will i be required to host my files then as well?
  1. line 3 & 4.for clear color & wireframe.
  2. You can use it exactly like it is. To run your app localy you need a localhost, so you can use the files from your station, but when you deploy your app on a server or somewhere you have to upload your files as well