Mobile Camera Question

Does the ArcCamera support mobile devices? I noticed that when I set a width and height on mobile, the scene slightly cuts the mobile off and I don’t have much control of the camera on mobile devices. If not, what is the best alternative to use to replicate the ability of the ArcCamera on mobile?

ArcRotateCamera works on mobile. It may require pep.js to make sure pointer events are supported but beside that it should work.

Do you have a repro case?

The repro case is just having a scene with a default camera and mesh in it on a mobile device, it’s very slow to rotate the camera, if it does so at all. I’ll give pep.js a try. :slight_smile:


I test ArcRotateCamera() almost daily on mobile devices, and have no issues. As @Deltakosh recommended, a simple playground scene is the best method to answer your question.


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I had the same problem. Maybe this will help you :slight_smile:

camera.inputs.attached.touch.touchAngularSensibility = 12000;

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