Modular sprite?

Hi there,

Modular sprite is a popular way to animate characters in 2.5D game.
Is there anyone that have implemented modular sprite in Babylon?

Also if someone knows a good authoring tool for modular sprite…

I think by modular you mean having sprites for characters, for weapons, for clothing, etc and combine them?

If so, I think you can simply display the character sprite, then the cloth, then the weapon at the same location. They will add up visually.

I mean a sort of bone animation, but for 2D sprites!

Example of game doing that:

It seems to be a very popular in 2.5D games and have a lot of advantages.

Instead of animating the sprite traditionally, you have one sprite for each body-part (in fact at least 2: the front and back of that body part)

It has tons of advantages :

  • It’s possible to customize every part of the body
  • For weapons and stuffs, only one or two images are required
  • It is possible to create a new animation that will be available for every characters at once (you do it once and it works for all for free)

It has all the advantage of 3D models, while keeping a 2D look-and-feel.

Thanks for the explanation.

So, we don’t have this support in Babylon.js, but if someone is willing to contribute, we will happily review any PR!


I would think that the main missing part would be a way to group the sprites in order to move/manage all of them together ?