Move object but maintain perspective

once again have tricky situation :smiley: maybe someone here have great ideas.

I have object lets for simplicity say its just cylinder, and right now its rendered on origin 0,0,0.
Perspective camera is also targeting origin point just moved back to show object. No comes the tricky par, I need to break 3d perspective, and move object away lets say to right by 5 units but visually it still should look like as it would be in origin point (with same perspective as it was rendered in center).
So basically need to move object on 1 plane but still have perspective distribution as it would be in the center position.
Any ideas how to achieve such thing.

Till now have considered 3 options:

  1. Somehow draw that mesh hierarchy just in specific canvas region (scissors and all that stuff)
  2. render on multiple canvas (would like to avoid this as it would mean multiple webgl contextes)
  3. Render to texture maybe ?

Any crazy ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

thank you in advance

1 sounds the safest :slight_smile:

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