Multiple canvas/views for detailed view on mesh

Hi guys,
in my project I have several meshes in a scene. Now I want to implement a “detailed view” click function:
If I click a mesh, a new canvas should open (under my main canvas) and show only my clicked mesh without the rest of the scene. It should be possible to open several of this “detailed views”.

I found some information about multiple canvas with one engine, but that documentation wasnt enough for me. So do you have some tipps or maybe an appropriate playground?

Hello, well can you tell me more about what precisely was not clear in the doc?

I am using BABYLON.JS in an Angular application and thats sometimes a little tricky. Actually I tried to implement multiple canvas based on the documentation and it didnt work for me…
I think the problem is, that I cannot just copy&paste the code lines from the documentation, but have to adjust it to the angular “form”.
Do you have a playground example of the multi canvas? These examples helped me a lot with other problems I had before.

It would be also a big help, if anybody else tried to implement multiple canvas in angular and could share his experience.

@CoBry here is a playground Babylon.js Playground that places two new canvases. There are issues probably due to how the playground works. The events only seem to work on the original canvas. However that is not going to be the main issue for you. You want to have a canvas that focuses on a particular mesh, however each canvas will show all the scene from a different angle.

Thank you for the playground. So I will be able to change the camera angle but not the focus of the camera?

Maybe using different engines and render the clicked mesh again is the better option.
How many different engines can I run at the same time? I think there will be a limit due to performance problems, right?

The only other way I can think of is to place a clone of the individual mesh out of camera1’s view and place camera2 near the clone.