Need some help on how to stop mesh bounce (cannonjs)

I’ve been trying to figure out how to prevent a box mesh (playing card) from bouncing from another box mesh (table) with cannonjs physics enabled on these objects.

I’m making 50 cards drop from a certain height onto a table, but cannot get the cards to stop from bouncing off the table and from each other. Because of this, the cards eventually slide down and don’t remain in a stack anymore.

I have set the restitution of the cards and table to 0. Is there a way to properly make the cards not bounce when they collide to the table and with each other?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Hello! and welcome :slight_smile:

pinging @cedric

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Hi @rand00

I managed to limit the sliding effect but the bouncing is still there but way less visible.

This is due to the physics engine. There are many small collisions and the engine resolves them by adding a counter force. When this happens on a layer made of many bodies, you get bouncing.
It’s possible to limit that effect but not possible to totaly remove it.

Usually, setting a smaller mass and increasing friction limit the issue.


@Deltakosh thanks for the welcome!
@Cedric this will work fine, thank you for the help, i appreciate it!