Newbie Question. When running babylon js demo in browser, Is it possible to use Integrated graphics cards automatically?

As we know, you need to tell Windows 10 that you want to use Nvidia Graphics card instead intel uhd when running Chrome Canary.

I found there are massive improvement when using WebGPU + GTX 1060m than WebGPU+ intel uhd 630. Ocean simulation is perfect example.

Now the question is when running the demo, is it possible to use nvidia graphics automatically ? it’s like when running Unity/UE games which nvidia graphics used automatically.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Babylon runs in the browser, and as such is using the gpu assigned to the browser by the operating system.
NVidia has a great control panel that lets you choose which gpu is used with each application. You will need to choose the dedicated card for your browser.
Babylon can’t check what gpus are available sadly.

The day will come where we will take over. :superhero: Just watch your back Nvidia, AMD, MS, Google and Apple :grinning: Beware of the power of the WebGL force :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :grinning:

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