No collision on imported mesh Oimo.js


I made a map for my game, but you can go through it, even with it having a mesh impostor. Made with sketchup, exported as stl then converted to obj. Any ideas?

Hi @Givo

Can you try with a simple box made in sketchup and exported using your workflow?
The issue might be in your code or in the data and trying with a simple asset will help tracking down the problem :slight_smile:

Can you also simplify your playground (map + player) so it’s easier to debug?

I made a cube when testing the dimensions between sketchup and babylonjs. And I believe my older playgrounds have just the player, so that’s easy.

Babylon.js Playground Bash the cube! Here’s the simple version. I have the ground make it so you don’t fall.

I took the map into blender and exported a .babylon file same result.

Okay, Mesh Impostors straight up just don’t work. Here is the cube with a mesh impostor:

Actually, you need ammojs for meshimpostor

I did a quick PG change (with buggy controls now)

I had to comment line 326 because of not defined quaternion

So It collides but then breaks everything else. I got a heightmap impostor working. I just mad a new “map.”