One light two shadowgenerator / export light map

I have a scene,the bookshelves and tables in the scene are static, the shadow will not change.

shadowGenerator.getShadowMap()!.refreshRate = RenderTargetTexture.REFRESHRATE_RENDER_ONCE

But my players are walk/running, shadows need recalculated
but I notice one light can only have one shadowGenerator ,
I know I can using blender baking lightmap,but I’m not familiar with blender

Is there a way to export lightmap generated by shadowgenerator ? or I can using two shadowgenerator

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If you have shadows that are static, you should really bake them: I think there are threads in this forum about doing it in Blender (or other DCC tools), else you can ask a specific question about it, no doubt you will get some answers.

Shadow generators don’t generate lightmaps, they can only be used to apply dynamic shadows.

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This addon could be useful: GitHub - Naxela/The_Lightmapper: Fast and easy baked GI Lightmaps for Blender and Cycles

Baked shadows will give your scene a way more realistic look and is less expensive. Win win.

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