Open local asset from URL query


Is it possible to open local assets in the viewer from an URL query ?
I’ve seen the “?assetUrl=” query, I was wondering if something for local asset was also available?
(I’m writing some c++ code and would like to open some glb/TF file stored on disk in your viewer without much overhead or adding dependencies)

If this is not something possible, what would you recommend as the way to go ?

Thanks for the help,

Hi KevD,

You can open local assets from a URL, but you need a server on your local device to be serving them. Babylon provides a very fast and lightweight one as part of the Template Repository Workflow; using it is discussed as part of one of our Dev Stories. Following along with that section of that Dev Story should be able to get you started with a local asset host in about ten minutes or so. Hope this helps, and best of luck!


Hi @KevD just checking in, was your question answered?