Open Source GLTF worlds


testing free stuff on PC, VR headset and mobile: YouTube

Certainly none of it is carefully designed as mobile-first, but it does work mobile out-of-the-box on even on mobile. Collision detection is rather heavy though, and it does show.
VR headset view required most work, pointer selection predicate had to be carefully crafted, but that was all.
All models are open source, published on Sketchfab by their authors under CC license, auto-converted to GLTF. Minimal intervention required, like a texture here and a plane there.

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Wow, That’s a nice demo…

I’m working on a project to create an interactive learning platform that can be accessed from any device (pc / vr device / mobile device). Can you help me share playgrounds or documentation about walking and control cameras via mobile devices?

Thank you!

But it’s super easy, UniversalCamera takes care of both PC and Mobile. You will need to use instead of though, as virtual joystick has changed. Once you do that, use one finger for movement, two for rotation.
XR is not that easy, it’s still tricky. Either way all this is kinda published as open source project, and you can use at the source. ‘Kinda’ because I still haven’t decided on the license, suggestions welcome.
Regarding your interactive learning platform, stick with me :wink: I’m making this for and with my 5 & 8 year old children.
Temporary links to worlds displayed in the video, help yourself with the source:
VRSpace:Persian City
Project github page:
GitHub - jalmasi/vrspace: VRSpace: Multiuser Virtual Reality Engine
Project fb page: - Home | Facebook

Wow, thanks a lot. That will really help me in working on interactive learning platform projects.

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