VRSpace.org: Open Source VR Server


wrote that VR server, and the client is, of course, Babylon.js.
This video explains everything on a glance.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work!


This is pretty coool !!!

Thank you!

I also wrote an article to explain my motivation and overall design:


Haha outstanding!

I need to fire up the quest, I got it for the same purpose.

Great post btw, love the decades old perspective.

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This is awesome. Thank you for building this! I may use this when it’s time to add presence to the 3D financial markets trading platform I’m building here at Global Liquidity. Like Zoom for trading, but with avatars and positional audio.

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Thank you! OpenVidu is indeed comparable to Zoom. But former is software and latter is platform; making own platform is a whole different story. I have rather good idea how to do it, but I’m pretty far from it. Plenty of things to do before I come to that.
Funny you envision application in financial markets, I’m working in securities market myself :wink: