parse(convert)toVector3 ( by reference to canvas or viewport. )

I hope the following.
I want to know each location my app’s screen(viewport or canvas).

let screenRightTop = new Vector2 (screen.width, screen.height);
let worldRightTop : Vector3 = ParseVector3( screenRightTop);

I do not understand the following.

plz another example or tutorial… :-:clap:

Hey! I’m not entirely sure I understand the need but if you want to get world coordinates of screen coordinates, you should just do the following:

var engine = scene.getEngine();
var globalViewport= scene.activeCamera.toGlobal(engine.getRenderWidth(), engine.getRenderHeight());
var projectedPosition = BABYLON.Vector3.Project(screenPosition, BABYLON.Matrix.Identity(), scene.getTransformMatrix(), globalViewport);

Thank you.
i’m copy that your code.

let engine = scene.getEngine();
let globalViewport= scene.cameras[0].viewport.toGlobal(

let projectedPosition:BABYLON.Vector3 = BABYLON.Vector3.Project(
    new BABYLON.Vector3(1,2,3), 


Returned vector value was (nan, nan, nan). And ‘isNonUniform: true’.
When I copied that, what is my mistake?

The following is examples I want.

apple.position = (screen.rightSide - x, y, z );
orange.position = (screen.leftSide + x, screen.topSide - y, z );

If that ‘A’ position is vector2(2000,800), what converted vector3(?,?,?) of ‘A’ position.

Somebody help me! ( I do not want to say “No~!” Like in the Game ‘Vercure Cap’. Sorry… :sweat_smile:)

This code should work pretty well:

So smthg is different in your utilisation, could you repro in the playground ?

yes different, but thank you.
i wanna convert that case 'Vector2 -> Vector3 '.

question. line 18 in next example.

I want set ball(mesh) at conner of canvas or camera view.
plz help me~!

I am trying to understand what you need. Is the following getting close?

In the image above the sphere is positioned (after trial and error) in the viewport exactly where I want it in the top left corner.

I have achieved this for

  1. A particular camera
  2. in a set position
  3. with a set target
  4. a given viewport size

Changing any of these repositions the sphere (check

The Question
Is it possible to position the sphere at a precise location (X, Y) in the 2D viewport given
the camera, the camera position, the camera target, the viewport size?

yes, and it’s not that complex (not the time now to make a PG). Just search the forum (or the older one) for :
getAspectRatio(), camera.fov and Math.tan

Shortly, from my memory (haven’t been playing with BJS for a while) :
the camera.fov is half the vertical angle of view, from 0 to the maximum visible y in the screen at a given distance.
So if you want to set a ball in the viewport corner, assuming it’s located at the distance d from the camera, then :
y / d = tan(fov / 2) => y = d * tan(fov / 2)
The aspectRatio is the correction factor between the viewport width and height
x = y * aspectRatio
z = d

Set your ball at (x, y ,z), it should be exactly in the viewport corner.
This is simple when the camera looks toward Z, of course.

If the camera rotates/moves, then you have to use the camera viewMatrix… what is a bit more complex

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A little bit closer using @jerome’s idea but only for the case when the direction from the camera position to camera target is (0, 0, 1)

Click on scene and press a key (this ensures calculations are done after scene is rendered)

Next is the complicated bit with camera.viewMatrix

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Thank you everyone.
And, i’m sorry. upgraded the question.
camera’s mode is BABYLON.Camera.ORTHOGRAPHIC_CAMERA. ( Mo$@#% F!%&!$!@! ).

Add simple camera code at @jerome & @JohnK’s ref in playground.

This is reason to try that convert V2 to V3.

I hope to help and advice continue…:pray:

Try playing with the value on line 28

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I’m clear!
I used camera’s properties (orthoRight, Left, Top, Bottom).

Anyway thank you!
And i’ll use your idea when implement it at perspectiveView.