Particle system sprites looping

Hi all,

I was using a sprite sheet and a particle system for animation, and in this way, the animation would automatically restart (looping). In my case, I only wanted it to run once without looping. To do that, I remembered there was something like:

particleSystem.spriteCellLoop = false;

However, it did not work and I also could not found this property in the document. Is it deprecated?

So instead, I avoided looping by manually adjusting emitRate and targetStopDuration, but this did not seem to be a good way. I wonder if there is something new like spriteCellLoop in the particleSystem now.


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A quick repro in the playground would help to find the best solution.

I never seen this property before but @PatrickRyan our amazing in house artist might help as he is way more familiar than myself with particles.

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@KimiZhong, we are missing the parameter to not loop the sprite animation on the particle system. I am going to put in a feature request for it so stay tuned.

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Got it. Thanks.