Perplexus Shadow Open - new level published (review in slovenian language)


youtube reveiw in slovenian language

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I love the way you select levels!!


there is database with uploaded levels (we can always upload levels)
-online means how many levels are in database.

Game logic is common for all levels. We dont have to code anythging (each levels are build from one box and points on maze are from START 1…n and FINISH…

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if we imagine (if 1000 pepole in the world will build 1 level and publish it)
We could have 1000 levels … or more …
Levels are seperate from game logich.
Nobody have to know how logic works…
Theoretically there could be N levels…
I try to keep thinks as simple as possible to build maze from one box and copy/paste it and assable it in
blender… join boxes together add points do paren/child (ponts to perplexus) add colliders export it
for babylon (in blender) and upload it on perplexus shadow open web page…

It will be also interesting if anybody will be capable to create algorithem do build maze (but that is to complicated for me …)

now we alwas must go from 1…N point but many levels could also have random sequence from start point to point to end … (but this should I add it in logich…

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