PhotoDome - Make use of Babylon GUI?


I am trying to achieve something like the below pic inside a photodome when clicking on a mesh.

original reference - Bit Space Development - VR Safety - YouTube.

Is it possible to achieve the above using Babylon GUI or should i have to make use of something other than Babylon GUI

Some suggestion would be appreciated.

I believe we already answered this in your previous topic. The answer is yes you can use both the 2D and/or the 3D GUI. May be someone has a similar PG for you? I don’t, but there are already a number of examples featuring this, incl. in the community demos and the demo section of this forum.

Else, really, it’s nothing very complicated. Simply follow the instructions from the doc for

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I tried both GUI and also using normal HTML approach for previous topic on displaying label for hotspot and was able to achieve it. In this example it is different as there are many textblocks appearing , if I use 2D GUI, I guess i have to make use of multiple Babylon TextBlock. Is it the correct approach ? and also how to approach this using 3D GUI?

OK. I see. Well, I guess it depends on the content. I saw the video example and there are a number of variants to display a GUI control or panel in there. I’d say, for simple text controls, you can easily reuse the same control and just change the text input. Same for icons or combinations of icons and text. For the more complex ones, you will need a panel. You can still dynamically update your panel but if it is very different, I would create a new one. The 3D GUI also works with panels and can be interesting to use because it has this cylinder and sphere shape panel that can work nicely with a photodome.
But then for whatever GUI you choose, if you have to make all these different panels/controls as seen in the video, it will be a bit of work. May be the best thing here would be to have the list (or drafts) of all the different types of panels and controls. Next, see which ones could be dynamic and which ones would be only for a single interaction.